Smudgie’s Health

"Prom Queen"

My sweet Smudge

She seems to be doing well. She is eating well mostly. Some days, not so well. But she is interested in hanging out, playing with the cat dancer, etc. It’s been 7 months since her diagnosis, so I am pleased she’s doing so well!

Smudgie’s Vocabulary

The Smudge likes to hang out near me when I’m working on the computer.

The Smudgie is being very vocal this weekend — calling me away from the computer to move the cat dancer around. When she’s not there, she’s standing on my dictionary (now being used to hold the mouse so I stand and work instead of sit and work). See? Funny girl!

Puke-y Smudgey

The Smudge has been really pukey these last few days. Last night she puked a waterfall of vomit from atop the bookcase. (Aren’t you glad there isn’t a picture?) This morning she puked twice on my bed. She seems fine, is acting totally normal. To be fair, she’s always had a tendency to blow chunks, but I’m beginning to wonder about this barfing. She wants to eat, wants pets, wants to run into the guest room if I open the door. She insists I move the cat dancer around for her pouncing. So her behavior indicates to me that she’s fine. This morning, she tried persistent tactics to awake me so I could feed her. So she’s probably fine right now; I’m just worried.

We got her diagnosis in February — so it’s been about three months. I keep wondering “when?” 

At Home

I took today off to work on the Group Project for school. It was nice hanging out with Smudgie, but sometimes she wanted to stand a) on the keyboard or b) in front of the monitor. It was stressing me out because this has to be done before tomorrow, but I also felt guilty because I won’t always be able to hang out with her and that made me sad too.

She’s doing really well. It’s been almost nine weeks since her lumpectomy and almost seven weeks since her chemo. Her fur is growing back very nicely and I keep thinking…”This is good!” And then I think, “Maybe we SHOULD do chemo.” Then I look at Andrea’s message about her experience and weigh the odds and think about the kind of life Smudgie deserves to have, so I don’t.

Rough kitty tongues

snuggling Smudgie

snuggling Smudgie

Last night The Smudge gave my face a bath – including a bit of closed eye. That reminded me of Ariel at the end of her time and how she washed my closed eyes. And when Smudgie was done, she curled up on my neck with her back feet just under my chin.

Smudgie is just fine!

Smudgie is so cute and affectionate. I keep forgetting she has cancer. She’s showing no symptoms (YAY!!) so sometimes I think I imagined it all. Only I know I didn’t.

Smudgie in all her cuteness

Smudgie in all her cuteness

Smudgie @ 5:15am

Smudgie as I wish she was at 5:15am

Smudgie as I wish she was at 5:15am

Smudgie woke me up today at 5:15am to play. Yes, my job as cat dancer mover around started early today. After a while, her breathing got wheezy but she still wanted to play. So, I slowed the cat dancer down enough to where she got bored. And then she stopped, layed down, and went to sleep. Unlike me.

Pinky of the Acrocats

I like the Acrocats on Facebook. I just read that Pinky has malignant feline mammary tumors. She’s going to have her mammary chain removed. Now I know that I decided that this was not right for The Smudge. But now I feel sad for the Acrocats  and Pinky and the other kitties and their people. And me. I feel sorry for me. And Smudge.

Here’s about Pinky:

Smudgie & Ginger

In addition to the fantastic Smudgie, I have a cockatiel (as most of you reading this already know). Ginger the Cockatiel knows that The Smudge does not have the least interest in Ginger. Ginger has even stood on the back of The Smudge when Smudgie’s been on my lap. Ginger’s flown down to the floor […]

Friday Night with The Smudge!!

Smudgie. Best Pudge in the LAND.

Smudgie. Best Pudge in the LAND.

A purring Smudgie in the lap is an excellent way to unwind from the week.